Street Food Stories

Our Menu.


Chicken Tamarind


Fragrant Chili jam, Lemongrass

Chicken Green Curry


Bamboo shoot, Sweet Basil

Chicken Stir-Fried Red Curry


Red curry paste, Bamboo shoot, Green pepper corn, Basil

Lamb Massaman


Potatoes, Cashew nuts

Hung-Lay Pork


Northern style curry with ginger, Garlic, Homemade curry paste

Hawka Noodles


Egg noodles, Asian greens

Chicken Panang Curry


Curry Paste, Lime leave, Peanut

Chicken Pad Char


Mixed thai herbs, Fresh child, Green peppercorn

Tofu Red Curry


Vegetarian Dish Holy basil leaves, Lime leaves

Beed Grapow


Sweet basil, Fresh Chili

Salmon Sweet Chilli


Asian greens

Prawn Pad Thai


We also serve Chicken and Tou Pad Thai at  £7.50


Tomyum Soup


Five Herbs Chicken Soup



Yum Seaweed


Chicken Larb Pop


Prawn Crackers




Tuna Salad